A hummingbird hovers - a flower unfolds.
With awesome reverence my eye beholds
nature's gifts.

One cannot improve upon what has been
done - make brighter the moon or
warmer the sun's bright rays.

But with humbleness I'll dare to try
to show you how I see the sky - the sea -
majestic mountains and mighty trees.

Through nature's gifts I'll try 
to please your eyes.


Life is a journey and observation, imagination and memory have been my modes of transportation along the way. God’s gift of man and nature are so awesome and treasured and many treasures are overlooked . My need to create come from the excitement of sharing these gifts with others through my art.

Happiness, as a child, was a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand and although many of my works are watercolor and pastel along with a lot of experimentation, I am still quite happy with pencil and paper. My formal training was in commercial art but I soon realized that though I enjoyed it, it didn’t feed the creative yearnings in me. I love to tell stories with my drawings and paintings – to push the mediums to their limits and to experiment with color. Most of my work is subjective with an impressionistic style but the “other side” of me explores abstracts in acrylics or alcohol inks which are based on the subject matter and the principles of design and composition. I have found teaching art to be a joy in my life as well and a wonderful way to help others ee and appreciate the world around them.  

Jennie Martin Tomlin